Monday, February 14

So I'm gonna open a store...

Yep. My oldest son picked out a name for my new crochet business. Rows and Roses. Named after his sister. The way I look at it, I love to crochet, so I might as well be doing for others as well as my family. I feel a sense of panic when I'm about to finish a project, and realize that I don't have anything lined up. I seriously have to be crocheting something at all times. I am in love with wool, and it's use as a cloth diaper cover. I am making longies, shorties, and skirties like there is no tomorrow. I have started a Facebook page, with a Hyena Cart store to come (as soon as my beautiful, talented sister gets me some web design going on!). I will be purchasing only the most beautiful, soft, unique yarns I can find, yarns that really jump out at me, and using them to create custom pieces. I will not be stocking my store with actual pieces, but rather custom slots. This way, there is no chance of having something sit in inventory for months because it was the wrong size, or in the wrong color. Anyone interested in my work can take a look at my available yarn, and at my pictures of past works, and then let me know what they want me to make, and on which yarn.
I will be doing anything and everything I can find a pattern for. Also, play food and stuffed animals will be stocked from time to time.
Come check me out on Facebook. If you like what you see, "Like" my page. I'll be doing a giveaway as soon as I reach 50 fans.