Sunday, November 28

My cloth diaper stash :)

For some reason, I just felt like taking a pic of my stash. This isn't everything; there are a few in the wash, and, as always, a few more on the way ;)

Up top are my prefolds, Flip organics, and 4 grovias
To the left, night-time diapers. From top: Bummis Bamboozle stretch fitted, Spicy Kolache fitted tester, Summer Sky Bamboo fitted, The Giving Tree fitted tester
Top row, brand name diapers: Babykicks, two Drybees, Kawaii
Middle Row, WAHMs: Bunkyfluff tester, Summer Sky Bamboo, Full Tilt tester, Two Anna Banana's
Last row: from-swap pink, from-swap owls, Kissaluv fitted, from swap pink fitted
Right column, covers: two Baby Beehinds, Blueberry, Flip.
 I love my cloth! I want more, and more, and more! They are so cute. I seriously never thought I could ever say that I enjoy diaper changes. You just don't get the same kind of love from 'sposies. These make every diaper change an exciting experience.

Thursday, November 18

Ahh, the beauties of babywearing!

Oh, how I wish I had known about babywearing when Isaiah was a baby. That poor kid was so insecure (because of his hospital experience, but that's another story...) that I could never put him down. Ever. For any reason. And nobody else could hold him either. Not even his daddy, usually. So I had to hold him, in my arms, and walk about trying to clean and cook and what-not. Ask any mama who's ever done it; it's no easy feat! My poor aching arms never got a break.

This time around, I am fortunate enough to part of a very loving and knowledgeable community of babywearers on BBC, and have learned the benefits of babywearing. This is for when you are staying around the house and your baby is fussy, or possibly just being high-maintenence for no other reason than because she's a girl (le sigh). Put that sweet little needy baby in a ring-sling or a mei tai and you are virtually hands-free. You can do whatever you need to, and usually your baby will go to sleep. We use it when Rosy's teething or back when she was colicky. It always worked like a charm.

Babywearing is also great when you are out-and-about. I keep a couple of RSs in my car, so I can take her in and wear her whenever we go shopping or run errands. I absolutely hate to see babies lugged around in carseats and strollers all day, and I personally feel that a baby needs to be close to it's mama to help form the secure attachment that all babies need, along with breastfeeding and co-sleeping. So anywhere we go, Rosy rides along on mama! She gets to see the world from our point-of-view, and also gets to lay her head down and go to sleep if she so chooses.

Anyone expecting a baby, or know someone who is expecting, I highly urge you to check into babywearing. The lovely mamas at BBC would be more than willing to answer questions and direct you as needed. I just recently gave my friend a Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling for her little girl (just born days ago!), and hope to help her learn of the joys of having her precious little one near her always, and also be able to continue with her daily life with both hands!

(And here's one of Isaiah wearing his puppy, just because he's so stinkin' cute!)

Sunday, November 7

Summer Sky Bamboo: A Review

 So, I have found a brand new favorite in the world of WAHMs. Her name is Cheri, and her store is Summer Sky Bamboo. She is on Hyena Cart. I must say, I kinda wish ALL my diapers were made by her! She has fantastic prints, in woven, knit, and minky fabrics. She uses bamboo velour (BV) and bamboo fleece (BF), so her diapers are sooooo absorbent, not to mention squishy-soft. I love knowing that I am putting silky smooth BV against Rosy's most sensitive skin.
I get all of mine without snaps, as I have found I get a better fit with fitteds if I can adjust them myself.
Did I mention, they make excellent night-time diapers? Miss Autumn Rose-Marie has not leaked out of any of these diapers AT ALL! Not even once! I have three so far, but plan on getting more, as they are so terrific. I have a custom-made Winter Ooga fitted. It has a snap-in BV soaker, as well as a BV (with 3 layers of BF inside) prefold-type deal that I  can trifold and put on top of the soaker, to add extra absorbency.

 I also have this owl fitted. It has a snap in BV prefold, so I just snap it in the back of the diaper, and trifold it (sometimes around a home-made booster), and it's ready to go. Also an excellent night-time diaper. And the owls are so cute!!

And, of course, y'all need a super-cute pic of my baby girl wearing her owl dipe, with a snappi. I don't use a Snappi with them anymore, since I don't really like the way they pull the diaper out of shape. I only use pins on my SSB dipes.
I really and truly love 
my SSB diapers, and will probably work on replacing most of my Bumgenuis diapers with these. I am super-happy with Cheri's customer service, and awesome, quality materials. I will be recommending her to everyone, with the very highest praises. Thanks for the excellent diapers, Cheri!

Monday, November 1

Spicy Kolache: Review

 I bought a gorgeous Ooga fitted tester dipe from Spicy Kolache a couple of weeks ago. Here is my review:

First of all, just let me say that the customer service is sensational! This is one sweet mama, and she will help you in any way she can. She answered my questions promptly, and tried to accommodate me when I asked about other prints. Unfortunately, her store really is in the newborn stages right now, so her selection is limited. I'm sure this is only temporary, though, and that she will be doing much more business in the near future, because the diapers are wonderful! For a fitted, this diaper was not very bulky like I had expected it to be. It was quite absorbent, though, after a couple of washings. I will say, I did not think it very absorbent at first, but that was just because it needed a little more prepping. Two hot water washes with a little detergent, and a few hot water rinses, and it was much better. It is super-squishy soft, and also very stretchy, which for me is a must in any diaper to get a proper fit. The tabs could be just a little longer/wider, in my opinion, but that may be changing. I do not use a Snappi on this diaper, because I did not like the way it all caved in on itself, so I will definitely be using pins. From what I understand, though, she will be offering snaps soon.

We just used this diaper over-night for the the first time last night, and I must say, it performed even better than I had hoped. I used: a Flip cover, this diaper, a Thirsties hemp insert, and my very own double-thick microfleece stay-dry liner. She slept in this for about 12 hours (I know, right!?), and it never leaked one bit. Her skin was still mostly dry, and the very outside of the ooga dipe was only slightly damp.

So if you are looking for a new fitted to try, please give this WAHM a shot. You won't be disappointed. All in all, I would definitely buy from this mama again!