Tuesday, October 19


So I have just recently entered into the world of WAHM-made diapers. What is WAHM, you may ask. Why, it stands for Work-At-Home-Mom, of course!! Mama's such as myself, who are home with their children all day, cleaning their house, and basically NOT going to work outside the home, because they want to spend as much time as possible raising and loving their children. Of course, speaking from experience, we could use some extra supplemental income, for things like gas, taking the kids out to lunch, and fun stuff (like diapers!). So what's a mom to do? Open a business!
I am a member of BBC community and have found that a lot of mamas make diapers and wipes and baby carriers and so on, and that they tend to be of exceptional quality. So far, since deciding to cloth diaper Rosy, I have just been going to Kelly's Closet to order diapers from big-name companies, such as BumGenuis and GroVia (both of which I still love!), but now I am delving into a whole new experience. 
I just received my very first WAHM-made fitted diaper from Anna at Spicy Kolache, and even though I haven't used it yet, I am in love! Yes, I realize that being in love with a poo-catcher may seem a bit strange, but if you've never CD'd before, then you really can't know the beauty of a perfectly made, extra-soft, squishy diaper against your baby's bum, instead of the bleached-paper-and-chemicals of disposables. I now have about 5 more dipes on the way, by various different WAHMs and will be doing a review on each here on my blog, so stay tuned, mamas! I'll let you know which are super-awesome, and which (if any) are more hype than happy.

Sunday, October 10

Different Uses for Breastmilk

It's not just for feeding babies anymore! LOL! 
No, seriously. I was looking at ehow.com and found this list of things that you can use breast milk for. If you make a lot, or if you're like me and pump a HUGE stock for your freezer, just to find out that your precious bundle would rather starve than take a bottle (sigh...), then you may want to try out some of these ideas:

Drop some milk in irritated eyes using a needless syringe or medicine dropper. This works for infected or plugged tear ducts, pink eye, sties and ophthalmologic allergies (watery eyes). You can also use for contact solution on soft, hard, or gas permeable lenses, or use it in place of or in addition to tea bags or cucumbers to soothe red, puffy, tired eyes.

Rinse your skin with plain water, pat dry, spread breast milk on skin and let it air dry. This can help soothe and heal a number of skin calamities, including diaper rashes, cracked or bleeding nipples, acne, eczema, chicken pox, chapped cheeks, and rashes or hives due to allergies or poisonous plants like poison oak or poison ivy. You can use a cotton ball moistened with the breast milk to spread it on the skin. This will also help any bite or sting, whether it comes from an insect, a pet or another child.

Gargle it. This will heal a sore throat very quickly. In addition, giving your weaned older children or your husband/partner a cup of expressed milk will help them get over a cold or flu occurrence quickly. It's a great remedy for chapped lips, canker sores, cold sores, and other mouth sores in both children and adults.

Use breast milk to ease the symptoms of colds as well. It can be used in place of nasal saline drops to loosen mucous of the nose, and it can be used as ear drops to ease the pain of an ear infection.

Remove makeup with breast milk. Alternately, you can use it as a general facial cleanser.

Treat injuries like scratches, abrasions, ingrown toenails, scrapes and burns with breast milk. Just dab it on and let it heal, or in hand/foot injuries, let it soak in a cup of milk.

Calm the pain of teething or toothaches. Experiment with different temperatures to find the one that brings most relief. Chewing on a cloth soaked in breast milk really helps.

Cook with it. It can be used in the same proportions that you would use cow milk in cooking and baking.

Donate it. If you are a super-producer with your pump, consider donating some of your overage. Milk banks will use this precious commodity to heal babies who need it the most, such as preemies and babies with severe congenital problems.

know I filled Isaiah's cup with 
breast milk when he had a cold, and the next day, he was all better! See, breast milk is the miraculous, magical elixer...

Friday, October 1


Here's Rosy being cute. We're rocking in our chair.
Here's Rosy in her duckies from Miss Lorraine. I love how she just happened to be centered in the wings on my shirt. Like a little angel!

Kory at the apple orchard. That bucket was heavy! (I'm not sure why this pic is small and blurry. Can't fix it. Weird...)

Isaiah on his birthday. Sorry it's sideways. I'm still trying to figure this out.

Rosy in the cutest outfit EVER! Given to us by Miss Regina.

Isaiah on his birthday again. Wearing my shirt. He was so cute in that great big shirt!

Isaiah opening presents, wearing his Curious George hat.

Rosy at the apple orchard, in her Kozy mei tai. Knocked out!

Rosy again. Hmm... This pic is small and blurry too. Wish I knew why.

That's all! Thanks for looking. Thought you would all like to see some pics of the cutest darn kids in the whole world.