Tuesday, March 1

Local Business Showcase: Hochstetler's Country Store

I want to high-light a local business here in Seneca that I think more people should know about. It's called Hochstetler's. This has become my new favorite place to grocery shop. The family who owns it are wonderful, friendly, and quick to help you find whatever you may be looking for. 
They sell raw milk here, as well as goat milk. Our family only drinks raw milk now, for the health benefits. They also sell whole grains in bulk, such as hard red winter wheat, quinoa, stone-ground grits, and whole oats. You can buy old-fashioned candy by the pound. Yep, you bag it yourself :)
They have also recently opened up a deli inside, where you can get fresh meats and cheeses cut to order, and sandwiches as well. Fresh-baked breads also line a table right in front of the register.
They do take EBT, which is a necessity of any grocery store for us.
This store can be found at the juncture of Wells Highway and Walnut Street. Where Bountyland and Tri-star Imports is.
If you are trying to keep your family healthy, get back to the basics, and keep your money in your community, then I highly recommend stopping buy and sampling the options that Hochstetler's has to offer.