Friday, January 14

A big round of applause goes to...

...South Carolina Medicaid! Never thought I'd be saying that, but right now I am so proud of them! I just received a notice in the mail, saying that due to lack of funds, they will be scaling down what benefits they will be offering. At first, I uttered a long-suffering sigh because, let's face it, nobody wants to hear that their kids may be losing health benefits. But THEN, I started reading what they are doing away with, and guess what? No more routine infant circumcision!! I am so happy about this. It's time more people realize that this tradition of mutilation is UNNECESSARY, as well as incredibly painful and dangerous. Circumcision has killed more babies than you were probably aware of. The out-dated idea that getting your child circumcised will protect him from diseases and be cleaner has been turned on it's ear by the World Health Organization. It has, however, been proven that men who are intact experience heightened sensation (which is a good thing, right?). 
Unfortunately, I learned about all of this a little too late for my poor boys. I was led to believe that not only was it healthier for them to have them mutilated, but that it was also somehow important that they "look like everyone else." Oh how wrong! It is estimated now that over 40% of the non-Jewish American population is opting to leave their son's perfectly intact, the way that God created them, in his image. And there are many in the Jewish community that are now refusing to continue this trend of damaging their baby boys. Thank goodness!
I am so thrilled that the W.H.O as well as the Medicaid Agency are beginning to understand how unnecessary routine circumcision is. I just wish I had known the truth before it was too late. One day I will explain the importance of all of this to my two precious boys, and ask them to forgive me. 

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  1. I agree with you Sati. I didn't get little Xander circumsized. Couldn't bring myself to it.